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InQmate details

Key features and benefits

InQmate manages any type of crowd, its based on First come First serve complex hybrid or priority pattern. InQmate reduces customer’s exasperation, it's quite simple and easy for customers and employees to handle. We provide personalized service based on preferences and profiles to exhibit their views in real-time. We ensure that our clients skim the most of every meeting. InQmate is accurate and highly a reliable technology.

  • A Centralized Web Control Module
  • Service Desk Interface
  • A Customer Kiosk
  • A Media Integrated Public Addressing System

Details of InQmate

  • 1.Scalable to any extent from a single branch to multiple operations at different locations.
  • 2.Daily Progress, Detail per Service and Detail per Terminal reports can be generated and all possible information will be displayed at Admin dashboard.
  • 3.Reduce the perceived waiting time and improve the level of service.
  • 4.Improve customer service, increase customer retention and frequency
  • 5.Automate the management of queue performance against service and productivity targets
  • 6.Accurate and highly reliable technology
  • 7.Complete flexibility to match any business requirements.

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